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Announcing the Maximum Content Retreat

Stay tuned for the launch of the inaugural 2018 event!

Time & Location

Coming Soon

An Arizona Location TBD

About the event

We're launching a retreat for emerging and established women thought leaders at any stage of their development with lots of ideas for content and "no time." If you know that writing your book, amassing your blog posts, penning disruptive articles, developing powerful talks, or creating any other custom content is critical to your success and getting to the next level, we invite you to consider making time and space for creation for yourself. It is one of the highest forms of self-care you can practice, and investing in yourself is always a good bet. Maybe you're tired of saying, "Someday" and knowing it never comes. Maybe you're a master of making excuses. Maybe you've been eking out bits and pieces here and there between meetings, serving clients, and personal responsibilities or burning the midnight oil only to have a bunch of half-finished pieces. Or maybe you’re producing content regularly and on the fly when you’d like to be ahead of the game. In all these cases, you might come to realize that what you need is dedicated, uninterrupted time to create--and to finish. And it can be right around the corner with the Maximum Content Retreat. Ready to step into thought leadership with MORE completed content that is as unique as you are? Make the commitment to execute on the ideas that matter to you most--and that will make the biggest impact in the lives of others. Sign up now to get the inside scoop on our launch!


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